Our Mission

“To promote self-efficiency through mental & physical health, educational and economical support. For it is worth more and longer lasting to teach one to become independent rather than to perpetuate dependency.”

1Uganda Project was established in 2000 in junction with Operation REAPP. We aim to reach those under privileged and living in economically deprived demographic areas. We support communities by reaching the students.

We believe that if students have a fundamentally sound education and healthy self-esteem, they will be able to make positive choices. When they make positive choices in their own lives, they are ultimately creating prosperous changes for the future their community.

Our efforts provide relief in the form of livestock, dry foods, clean water, health & hygiene products, school supplies for teachers and students & of course shoes!

By taking a global approach to outreach we have been able to reach the unreachable, educate the untouchables, advocate positivity, promote self-esteem, and prevent unproductivity.